Casa de la Playa

Flamingo, Costa Rica

Suggested menu for one week:


Sandwich Atun con apio y mayonesa (Tuna Sandwich with celery andmayonnaise) Tomates corte en el plato (Sliced tomatoes) Guacomole y chips

Spaghetti con Molido (spaghetti with meat and sauce) Ensaladamixta con (mixed salad with dressing)

MIERCOLES (WEDNESDAY)Torte espanol (Potatoe and egg torte) Ensalda repollo yzanahoria con limon y mayonesa (cole slaw)

JUEVES (THURSDAY)Picadillo Chayote (Ground meat with squash, sounds funny but isquite tasty) Ensalada Palmito (Hearts of Palm salad)

VIERNES (FRIDAY)Pasta con atun, apio y mayonesa (Pasta salad with tuna andcelery) Ensalada repollo y zanahoria con salsa mayonesa y limon, sal y pepino(cole slaw)

SABADO (SATURDAY)Antes de el aeropuerto (Before going to the airport) SandwichJamon y Queso (Ham and Cheese Sandwich) Pico de Gallo y chips (Salsa and chips)


LUNES (MONDAY):Arroz con pollo (rice with chicken) Repollo y Zanahoria ensaladacon mayonesa y limon, pepino y sal (cole slaw) Guacamole y chips

MARTES (TUESDAY)Pescado con mantequilla, tomate y ajo cocinando de personas aqui(fish cooked in tomato, butter y garlic, you can get fish and you can cook ityourself if you'd like (or Roxanne will)- Roxanne can slice a garlic and tomatomix, just tell her when you want it ready. Ensalada Vainicas con cebello yvinegre y aceite (green been salad) Yucca (a starchy vegetable)

MIERCOLES (WEDNESDAY)Fetucini con crema (Fettuccini with cream sauce) Ensalada Mixta(Salad with mixed vegetables) Vinegre y aceite, sal y pepino para ensalada(vinegar and oil salad dressing)

JUEVES (THURSDAY)Picadillo con pasas y (ground beef with olives and raisins)Ensalada chayote y papas (salad of potatoes and squash)VIERNES (FRIDAY)Pollo con papaya y pina (Chicken cooked with papaya andpineapple) Pico de Gallo y chips (Salsa and chips) Arroz y Frijoles (rice andbeans)

SABADO (SATURDAY)Dia del aeropuerto - travel day BREAKFASTEach Day Tell Yerlyn if you want fruit, pancakes, eggs, ham,toast, cereal, etc.. and what time and she can have it ready for you.

Ingredients for the menu
For one week, for approximately 4-6 people
2 Kilos de papas
2 Kilos de zanahoria
3 K de tomates
3 K de chayotes
2 repollos
​1 rollo de apio
​10 limones
8 aguacates
4 pepinos
4 cabezas de ajos
1 K cebolla
3 rollo de culantro
1 papaya1 pina
1 K vainicas2 lechugas
4 bolsas de arroz
4 bolsas de frijoles
1 pasta fettuchine
1 vinagre1 aceite
1 mayonesa
3 crema dulce
1 queso gouda
2 queso cheddar
2 bolsas de pasas
1 vaso de aceitunas
3 bolsa Piquitos chips
3 pan cuadrano
​2 espaguetti
4 lata atun lite (en agua
)1 vaso palmito grande
2 K pechugas de pollo
2 carton de huevos grande
1 K carne molida
2 pollos enteros

​For breakfast, you may also want to get pancake mix, fruits, oranges (for juice) pineapples, bananas, cereals, etc…You should also get anything that you like to drink- fruit juices, coffee, tea, milk, etc….