Casa de la Playa

Flamingo, Costa Rica


​Melissa Chellemi is our house manager. She lives in Potrero and can be reached at home 2654 4150 or cell 8828 2287. Our house employees here do not speak very much English, but will try to understand you. There is also usually a Spanish/English dictionary around the living room as well. Please don't take it with you on any adventures!

​Roland is chief caretaker at Casa de la Playa.  He is on hand to provide security, property maintenance, and help guests with any heavy work such as unloading the car and most any other need that arises.  Roland and Isaiah work on a rotating schedule.  One of them is present on the property at all time for your security and convenience.  Isaiah is chief grounds keeper but also on hand for anything you need assistance with. There will also be a guard at night on hand from 9pm to 6am

Yerlyn is head house keeper and cooks meals for Roland and Isaiah.   Her hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 3p.m., Monday through Friday and 7:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. Saturdays.  She is off on Sundays, unless special arrangements are made.   The staff has their own refrigerator and storage areas for food but they will at times share kitchen space to prepare their meals.
​Additional kitchen staff can be added upon request to prepare, serve and clean up at breakfast and lunch.  The cost is $16 per day.  For groups of 6 or more, or use of more than 4 bedrooms, an additional staff member will be hired to assist Yerlyn with cooking and cleaning.  Guests will be responsible for paying $16 per day for the additional staff member.

Private Chef
For special meals at the house, private chef, Miguel, can be hired to plan the menu with you, shop, prepare, cook, serve, and provide clean up.  The cost is $25 per person, $12.50 for children under 12.  Prices do not include alcoholic beverages but fresh juices or iced teas could be included.  Meals include salad, entrée with accompaniments and dessert.  Entrée options are: grilled tenderloin, shrimp, surf and turf or chicken.
Miguel can also provide chef services where clients provide the food and he does all the cooking, service and clean up.  The price for this service would be $8 per person and $6 for kids under 12
Miguel does not speak English. Call Melissa if you would like to make arrangements.  2654 4150, 8828 2287 

There are two digital safes at Casa de la Playa.  One is in the closet of the Casita.  The other is upstairs under the bathroom sink.  Please us these to lock up your passports, money and any other valuable items that you bring with you.  We cannot be held responsible for missing items.  Call Melissa for digital combination at 2654 4150 or 8828 2287.

Kayaks are available for you to use.  However please take extra precautionary measures when using them.  People have been lost at sea in this area while out Kayaking.  The wind can come up quickly and very strong.  It is wise not to go too far offshore.  Always have someone on land keep an eye on you and inform them ahead of time where you plan to paddle and when you plan to return.  The Coast Guard in Flamingo is under staffed and under equipped so don’t think that you could easily be rescued.  Use caution and sound judgement.

Sorry, but there presently is no internet at the house.  You can find wireless at Marie’s Restaurant in Flamingo.

Air Conditioners
When using air conditioners please keep bedroom doors closed to prevent them from freezing, ceasing and or leaking water inside the rooms.  Please turn them off when leaving for extended times.

Costa Rica is home to over 600,000 fantastic species of insects.  You will definitely experience some of them while you are here.  Most of these are nothing worrisome.  Mosquitoes are likely to be the worst menace.  We suggest that you wear lightweight long pants and tennis shoes or covered shoes especially at dawn and dusk when the mosquitoes are most aggressive.  If you are too hot to cover up, repellent is recommended.

ATM machines & banks
There are two banks on the main road leaving Flamingo, a mile or so from the center of town, Banco Nacional & Banco de Costa Rica.   Both have ATM machines that will dispense dollars or costa rican colones.

Grocery Stores
​The best close-by small grocery store is on the main road leaving Flamingo, a mile or so from the center of town (between the banks). It is called Super Massai.  The best large grocery store in the area is Auto Mercado located in Tamarindo. You may also stop at several grocery stores on the way to the house from the airport.

For airport transfers and tours please call Alan Lopez 8386 7922. Also available for taxi services, tours and transfers is Alex Moreno 8384 8222.  Be cautious about hopping into any taxi.  The two listed here are well known by us and very responsible and trustworthy.  They also speak pretty good English.

If you would like to tip the employees, we ask that you stick to the following amounts:$5 per day for each employee-- please don't exceed these amounts.

​Please sign the guest book in the living room and enjoy your stay in beautiful Costa Rica!